mark as unread, flag, pin & delete buttons moved to far right on Outlook email

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On the current Outlook email layout the "mark as unread, flag, pin & delete" buttons are on the far right of the email body which is VERY inconvenient. It used to be the "mark as unread, flag, pin & delete buttons were in between the "from" section and the "subject" section. That previous setup was very very convenient as a user didn't have to move their mouse all the way over to right side of the screen to manage what they wanted to do with said email. It was a quick, seamless setup. Now, its the opposite. I would hope Outlook would bring back or have the option for the user to move those said buttons where they want.

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Running into the same issue. I would love for atleast the option to put it back on the left, currently, i need to first select the mail to be able to click the "mark as read" button, if i have multiple unread mails, since the button i now all the way at the end, with half of the email contents and the received date "in the way", and my eyes can't follow which line i have since they are so long. With the button back on the left, i can immediately see which i need to press since its right next to the beginning of the subjcet and the sender.

Please move the buttons back, or give users an option to place them.



I've contacted I.T. & customer service agents so they could pass it on but I do not expect them to remedy the issue in any form as Microsoft Outlook doesn't see it as important enough. I don't understand how they thought by moving those icons is more user friendly as it's the exact opposite. At least give the users the option to revert back to the previous icon placement 🤦🏻‍:male_sign:

UPDATED: AUGUST 15, 2023 Noted in Red below. 

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Microsoft has made this change to allow more apps to integrate with Outlook. This change has frustrated many users, but it is here to stay. Here is the full TechCommunity post:

Outlook for Windows: New location for the Mail, Calendar, People, and other modules (


Also, more changes are coming in mid- or late-September for OWA.


IMPLEMENTED. 1) They are moving the Send, Discard, and Formatting bar from the bottom of the screen to the top of the New Message Compose Window.  


Here is my video short: 

More Outlook Navigation Changes: Send, Discard and Format Bar movin' to the top - YouTube


IMPLEMENTED. 2) Mid-September, users can choose between Classic and Simplified Layouts as well as customize the Simplified Ribbon.  Check out my video for there are few limitations. 

How to Customize the Navigation Bar in Outlook Online?


3) You now have the View tab at the top of navigation (image 1). It contains many of the Outlook Quick Settings (image 2).


IMPLEMENTED IN JULY 2023: I suspect that the Outlook Quick Setting will change or go away soon too but nothing has been announced yet. It is starting to look and feel like a modern day Outlook for Windows ribbon.  Again, I suspect more changes to the top navigation is coming by year end.

image 1



image 2









This is what hundreds of us are talking about




We're not asking for a whole new interface, just to have a simple option to have an per user option to move those said icon buttons back to the left where they used to be.



I am aware. I liked it in the original location as well.  Based on the article above, Microsoft explained the reason for the move and has no plans to return it.  And, just like you, many users have expressed their frustration.


Usually, I would recommend that you provide Microsoft feedback, but I think this change is a done deal.





Microsoft is proven to be tone deaf on this. There are hundreds of users who find it distracting & unhelpful, but those same said frustrations do not to seem to concern Microsoft. Thanks for listening to actual users Microsoft :unamused:



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@sph7319I totally agree with you.  I am using Offce365 on a desktop. Recent UI decisions seem to put desktop user experience last. Putting the flag and delete icons way out of view from where your eyes and mouse cursor are naturally placed is pretty poor design, to say the least, and not having the option to move that "column" is a strange and massive oversight. I have revisited this post after, once again, becoming frustrated when dealing with lots of email.  (Oddly, you can "move" the flag status column up and down in the order under view settings....except it doesn't actually move in the view... *sigh*).