MAP CHART : the mystery of France

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Hi guys,


I'm working for a couple of days on creating a map chart for France by "départements" (or county). I really struggled to do it but thanks to this forum I found a solution.

I have to admit that the French territory is quite complicated to understand, and even more since last year with the creation of new regions (we have now 13 regions instead of 22) and the 95 counties. Whatever...


I found out that Excel didn't recognize the French word of "Pays" (Country), "Régions" (Regions), "Départements" (County), that is why I struggled for a long time. And it wasn't working too in English. But it was working in Italian :) 

So I changed the names of my column title by "Contea" (for Country), "Provincia" (for Regions) and "Regione" (for County). And by a kind of miracle I don't understand, it was working !


BUT.... there is always a but... It's working for 94 counties out of 95..... A single county, called "Lot", cannot appear on the map. Quite frustrating... I tried to find if this county had another name or spell, but nothing about that... so I tried everything like "Le Lot" / "LOT" / "Lot-" / "Lott" / etc... I said to myself that the closest county of "Lot" which is "Lot-et-Garonne" could maybe create a bug in the file but when I delete it the problem is still the same. AND THE "LOT" IS STILL MISSING. :(


Sooooo now I do not have any solution for this problem and I suggest that this county (I repeat : "LOT") is missing in the database of Excel (guys, come on, you can do better... :) ).


I join forward my file for all the french (and other people who need it) who struggled and never succeeded to do this map. And if SOMEONE HAS A SOLUTION I CAN PAY A LOT OF MONEY (Word game, got it?) to have it :)


Thank you for your help.

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I would recommend posting this question in a forum dedicated to Excel. You may also want to look at PowerBI, it provides a lot of solutions to problems like this.

Hi Dean,


Found the best answers on this forum, told myself it was the best place to post.


I'm quite a newbie on this topic, could you recommend me some forum dedicated to Excel?


And I totally agree with you with PowerBI, I suceeded to create my map on it without a problem. However, I'm looking for a tool that all my colleagues could use and PowerBI is not known as Excel is... 





I found the solution : write "département du Lot" instead of "Lot"... and it works!


Thank you for the file, this is exactly what I needed.



Perfect, thank you! I almost lost hope to be able to do a map chart for France.