Managing Azure AD’s Keep Me Signed In (KMSI) Feature



The Azure AD Keep Me Signed In (KMSI) feature uses a persistent cookie to allow users close and reopen browser sessions without sign-ins. If you don’t want to use KMSI, you can update Azure AD company branding to remove the option. Users will then have to reauthenticate each time they start a browser session. The decision to disable or keep KMSI is highly tenant-specific and depends on how authentication happens.

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@Tony Redmond 


Still not seeing this feature in our tenant.  Is there an ETA on this?





I finally found it!  They moved it with the change to Entra.   Go to Azure, Users, Users Settings and you will see the option to "show keep user signed in"


Took me forever to find the option as all articles point to company branding.


I found one little sentence about it in below link in the section "Learn about "Stay signed in"

Add or update user profile information - Azure AD - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn



Hi Logicsound I did see that, and you can also see it in Company Branding if you shut off preview.




Please enlighten me on this issue, I'm afraid I can't find the settings to just in User Settings or Company Branding
So it is in Azure Home users - User settings at the bottom of the page



Confirmed by MS engineer such option is only available if you are have E3 or E5 license

Ok this strange because would have thought this is relative to Global admins