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Hi. I would like to export Mail usage report but since I have a new view in admin centre it is not visible anymore. Mircrosoft docs indicate there should be option Select report above the graph on the screen.

Is there a posibility to change the view so it will be visible again or is there a different place I can export Mail usage report to Excel file?


My view:
my view.JPG


Microsoft docs view:
MS view.jpg

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Click on the View more button first, they you will get the screen from the documentation, as well as the export option.

@Vasil Michev Thank you for your reply. The View more shows only more other options, but Reports/Usage stays the same. I managed to find these reports by searching them in search bar, and this way I could get the view.
It is still not possible to get to report export by simply clicking Report/Usage, as Microsoft indicates.