Mac+Microsoft 365 + Teams ...One Drive issue

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Hi all, 

I wonder if you can help me? 

I have a Microsoft 365 Personal subscription for Mac (which gives me 1TB of One Drive storage) and I am also using a free Teams app. When i try to upload a file to share in Teams, it tells me I dont have enough space to upload the file. 

I already have 3 files in the Microsoft Teams Chat Folder (totalling 22Mb).

1) I thought the free version of Teams gives 2 GB/user and 10 GB of shared storage - so i am nowhere near that.

2) I assume, that there is no way for my free Teams to use the One Drive i have in my 365 Personal Subscription, please tell me if thats right,


I am tearing my hair out. Do i need to upgrade my Teams just so i can add another small ppt to the Microsoft Teams Chat Folder?


Thanks in advance

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It is tricky when it comes to a Free Teams account and your personal subscription here are a few suggestions;

1- maybe stop using your free team and upgrade your personal M365 subscription and get the one that comes with the team.

2- use the same way it is on the free teams account you should be able to add new cloud storage. Go to Teams same files section there will be a + ADD Cloud Storage option select that > > SharePoint > Use a SharePoint Link > put your Onedrive link here so this way you will have your onedrive connected to your free team account Make sure to grant permission if the account's domains are different or

@PDostiyar thanks so much for your very helpful response. I will try the SharePoint fix that you suggest. Much appreciated :)