M365B really doesn't include an Office for Mac license?


In this overview, it looks like M365B doesn't include an Office for Mac license:

That seems strange and looks like an oversight to me. But I'm no Apple expert, so I'd like to ask the community whether that is actually true?


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Hi @Dom Cote,

This isn't true. See this service description for Office apps -

Office 365 Business Premium - which is what is contained in Microsoft 365 Business, contains Office for Mac

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Awesome. That's what I thought. Thanks for the quick answer! We'll need to get that document fixed. ;)

@Christopher Hoard I gotta clarify a bit, after I go some additional insight.

--> Office for Mac is NOT included

--> Office 365 Business Premium IS included (which can be installed on a Mac).


There is no product called "Office 365 for Mac".

Hmm, quite confusing with the naming conventions

I guess, regardless of the naming conventions we were always in agreement that Office 365 Business Premium is the vehicle which means office can be installed on a mac and that this is included in Microsoft 365 Business.

Lol I have no idea what needs to be changed - whether this is the service descriptions or the overview collateral above. This probably needs to be simpler :S

Best, Chris

@Dom Cote 

I suggest you check out the M365 service descriptions at:




Select Office applications link




scroll to right




Thee caveat is:


7 Office for Mac 2011 can be installed, but not activated.


which is what maybe your graphic speaks to.