M365 Bus. Standard User running out of mailbox space. Upgrade user to Premium or Exchange Online P2?

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Have a couple of users in a M365 Business Standard setup who keep hitting their 50GB mailbox limit. The rest of the team are all well within the limit so we just need a boost for the two users. We're not looking to increase the limit for everyone.

Looking at the archiving options with Business Premium and Exchange Online Plan 2. Which would be better for our circumstances? How do the mailbox features of each compare? What are the pros and cons of each and can Exchange Online Plan 2 even be bolted on to a Business Standard licence? 

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If you have two Microsoft 365 Business Standard users who are running out of mailbox space, you have two options: upgrade their accounts to Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Exchange Online P2.

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Premium: This option provides additional storage space for email and a wider range of features, including access to the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform and additional security features.

  2. Exchange Online P2: This option provides additional storage space for email and a wider range of features, including more advanced email management and security features.

The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you only need additional storage space for email and don't require the additional features provided by Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Exchange Online P2, upgrading your users to a higher-tier plan may not be necessary.


It's also worth noting that you can also purchase additional storage space for individual users on an as-needed basis, without upgrading their entire accounts. This can be a more cost-effective solution if you only need to increase the storage limit for a small number of users.


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I found a website to provide a quite good comparison, without Exchange Online Plan2:


M365 | Compare Plan | Superhub

Thanks guys.

In the end I got the Exchange Online P2 licences. Business Premium is great but most of the cool stuff it does is when everyone is on Premium, not just a couple of people.

It was a simple case of buying the licences and adding them to the users. It took a little while for MSs servers to do what was necessary in the background but 30mins and an Outlook restart was all that was necessary to see the bigger mailbox.