Lost my online app icons for Word, Excel, etc.

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Strange thing happened last week. I'm an Office 365 Business Premium customer thru my employer.  I used to have Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc in my list of All Apps. They've disappeared. I still have a dozen others (Outlook, Delve, Forms, Kaizal, etc)  and I can still use the online versions of Word, Excel, etc by opening existing documents but I can't launch the app independently and create new.


I have poked around account settings, etc, but can't get a resolution.


Here's a screenshot of what I haveO365.jpg



And my account status:



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Hi @peterbrown77,

Can you check with your admin that Office Online is enabled on your Business Premium licence? I know it shows within the My Account section but that would be the first place to check.

If it is, my recommendation would be for your admin to raise this with Microsoft support.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Yes, it's enabled. I can even go to a OneDrive folder and select New>Word, Excel, etc and start them that way. They're just not in my list of appsUntitled.jpg

What happens if you click explore all my apps?

@adam deltinger  - Same deal, only Outlook appears from the general Office suite (along with all the other Kaizan/Sway etc)

Hi @peterbrown77

I would check that it occurs on different browsers, incognito, etc. If it continues then the solution is

- Raise a ticket to Microsoft support via the Office 365 admin portal.

In the meantime you should be workaround the icons via these links


Hope that answers your question. Please let us know what Microsoft come back with in order to enhance our understanding.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Yes, I've done it in multiple browsers and on different platforms. Same thing.

Is this only affecting you or more users??

As mentioned, I would create a ticket


@adam deltinger  Only affecting me and it used to work fine. I tried to create a ticket but the admin portal won't allow me to bc I'm not an admin