Loop policy is not working

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I have enabled Loop in preview as decribed on Learn how to enable the Microsoft Loop app, now in Public Preview - Page 2 - Microsoft Community Hub.


There is one member (myself) of the group that is connencted to the policy. In the policy is only the option “Create and view Loop workspaces in Loop” configured.
In this situation, I shared a workspace with a colleague who is not a member of the group assigned to the policy.


This colleague then had access to the shared workspace on loop.microsoft.com and was also able to create workspaces themselves. Even after disabling the policy, both the colleague and I were able to create workspaces.


Another test was that the policy was disabled, I shared a workspace with another colleague and that this colleague had access to the shared workspace and could also create their own workspace. Then I checked with a colleague who did not have authorization through the MS365 group and with whom I had not shared workspaces and he was suddenly able to create workspaces as well.


So it seems that the MS365 group and the policy are not doing anything at the moment. The option in the MS365 admin center in the settings for MS365 Loop (organization settings = > Microsoft Loop Preview) is disabled.

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@Durk Oberman I have the opposite problem. Policy is enabled but Loop does not allow creation of Workspaces!

Is Loop enabled for your organisations? Try this script:
# [Optional] Update your PowerShell SharePoint module
Update-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell
# Connect to SharePoint
Connect-SPOService -Url https://lazydev-admin.sharepoint.com
# Check if Loop is enabled
Get-SPOTenant | Select IsLoopEnabled

It seems that after Copilot's GA on November 1st, Loop is working again as indicated in multiple blogs. However, it remains strange that the policy for all users has the Create Loop workspaces option configured to when it is actually turned off and active through your own policy.

But so fa so good :D