Looking for a good and reliable "What's new in ..." source of information for O365 applications


I want to produce regular and timely "What's new in ..." individual articles to promote the new features in the big player applications in Office 365, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams.  Ideally I want to do this with the minimum of effort by finding a source which produces the content which I can then modify to suit my organisation.  I just need a source which regularly summarises new features on a regular basis for individual O365 applications.

I would have thought there were hundreds of "What New in Word January 2020" or "What's New in PowerPoint 2020" articles produced across the world every quarter or so, but alas I can't find a good source.  Yes there are some Microsoft produced ones but they aren't that consistent.


Does anyone have any ideas of sources of this type of information?

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@MaryHill Hello Mary, I'm afraid you might have to look at more than one place for this info. But it depends on your requirements of course. As you want minimum effort I would like to suggest sources as the Microsoft 365 Roadmap , Microsoft 365 Message center and maybe the Release notes for Microsoft 365 Apps releases 


Hope it helps getting you started!