Looking for a board management software for remote teams

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Hello all,

As you know majority of us are working remote now. I work in a private firm here in Jacksonville,ever since we started remote working, managing the board meetings, like organizing them, bringing all the members to the meeting, managing the documents and everything else has become quiet a task for us. So our company is thinking about investing in a board management software. We are currently in the process of prospecting a couple of solution. We are already using SharePoint services, so we have our eyes set on a SharePoint based board management software, obviously because we the painful moving process to new solution can be avoided. I've also looked into testimonials and reviews for the solution and honestly we are still to make a formal decision. Anyway i was thinking with the experience you guys have on these matters, maybe you could advise us in the right direction. It would be a great help to get responses from you guys. Looking forward to hear form you all. oh and thanks in advance.

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Hola @robearth  

nosotros pasamos por ese lugar, no encontramos nada en el espacio sharepoint/ microsoft que cubriera el aspecto de confidencialidad. El board decidió por un sistema para gestion de directorios que no estuviera bajo la supervision del equipo que administra SharePoint.




Are you using Microsoft 365 or are you using on-premise SharePoint?

In case you are using Microsoft 365, everything is integrated , you could use SharePoint to manage documents and boards and then you link it to Microsoft Teams and Calendar will be Synced with Outlook. You could do some of these tasks on-premise but you get full benefits using Microsoft 365.

May be you could discuss more on your requirements so we could help you out more but from my own experience, remote management with Microsoft 365 covered most requirements for remote management. There are areas where need improvements and we share feedback and many of them are in roadmap.



Would you mind elaborate more on confidentiality requirements and what is missing?

May be share some examples for clarification. 



#1.  Investment and divestiture, M&A, layouts, strategic  decisions should be not open or accesible to IT administrators. 

#2. votes, files, and classified information shall not be able to access by IT administrators


In our case we declined to pursue sharepoint and or O365 because in any scenario we needed our IT team to deploy and maintain an application without "touching" it. Instead we adopted Directorpoint as a service which provided us everything needed from a best practice standpoint and from a confidentiality perspective too.




Thank you for clarification.

In general IT administrations would have the full power no matter what system you are using. They could change password and login to system where they don't have permission, I believe this is same for Directorpoint too.

In SharePoint you have options to manage permissions and users and let say you could define limit access from IT administrator to certain resources by removing their permission and grant permission to people who should have permission. 

You could ask IT team to setup SharePoint but you be the one who configure it.



yep same thing with any board software. Using a dedicated app easy enough for a secretary to administer, with standard workflows is something we couldn't find.  



I believe the software you mentioned is simple , but SharePoint is more advance and professional and you could do many things which are not possible with other applications.

I'll be glad to share with you a quick preview of our board processes, how we use it, etc. I'll be happy to switch to sharepoint if something usable is available; it will be cheaper for me use the existing infrastructure



Note this is public forum and everyone would be able to see the post.

Please feel free share it (as long as it doesn't have sensitive information and is okay to share publicly) and I would be glad to help you the best I can.

You may share it on SharePoint forum too:


SharePoint experts are there and they could help you the best.


@robearth In my team we use Stork - voice and video messenger for remote teams. This tool is perfect for meetings as it provides screen recording. 

Stork looks very interesting and useful. As someone that attends a few different meetings on different topics I would be great to be easily able to 'rewind' to a point where I need more information.