Litigation Hold - for future mailboxes

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Hello to all,


Does anyone know, if there is any way, how to set up Litigation by default for all future mailboxes ? Including the hold duration ?

The idea is, that every new account (mailbox) will have automatically turned on Litigation hold with specific hold duration, if that account will have license for it, of course.


Thank you for your help. 

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Best use the new Retention policies in the SCC/Compliance center. If for some reason you must use good old litigation hold, you can automate the process via PowerShell, here's a sample script I wrote a while back:

Hello @Vasil Michev,


Thanks for the info.

But Retention Policy is not quite the same as Litigation Hold.

And the link you have sent is about to apply Litigation Hold to already existing mailboxes. I was wondering if we can that as default so all future mailboxes will have that once we create them. So we do not have to do it manually for each new mailbox.


But thank you for your info.


Best regards, Standa