Link two workbooks on a sharepoint

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Is there a way of automatically updating a query connection in a workbook saved in a sharepoint folder.


I've created a connection from our Access Database. To update/sync it, I would open the workbook in a browser / Open in Desktop App / Under Data tab I click to refresh.


When I just open the workbook in a browser and go to Data / Refresh Selected Connection, I get the following error


"The current selection is not within a refreshable region of the workbook. Select a refreshable region, such as a PivotTable, before clicking on the Refresh Selected Connection button."


Ideally, I'd like for it to refresh automatically when opening without any extra steps. When I set this option, I get the same error. I'd rather users didn't need to open the workbook in a desktop app. The data is very basic without any features that would necessitate opening it in a Desktop app... well apart from the connection refresh.


Please advise.


Thank you


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