Link surface pro to O365 developer account

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I have a O365 developer account and online setup that I use quite often. I'd like to link my surface pro 6 to this account much like a standard user does when they log in with their MS account.


The problem that I'm having is when I try to add "[User]@[domain]" it says it's not a valid Microsoft account.


How can I link my Surface Pro 6 so that it uses my developer environment? So when I use OneDrive, OneNote, etc... it'll use my developer environment. I appreciate any feedback and help about this.



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Hi @MattM1121 ,


Your work account is not a Microsoft account. A Microsoft account is meant for personal use and usually has a,, or domain.


To set up Windows 10 using a business account, you would need a Windows 10 Pro. You probably have Home version.