Limiting the number of bookings of a meeting room in Outlook per day

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Hello, O365 Community,

Our organization is starting to plan the return to the office but that requires a lot of changes on how we will work compared to how we used to work before the pandemic.


One of the ideas we have is to limit the number of times we use our meeting rooms to one time per day so that our cleaning staff has enough time to cover all rooms following all the guidelines we need to abide by. That will also help with the air renovation in the room.


The question I have is: is there a way to set a cap on the number of bookings that meeting room can have per day so the entire day will become unavailable when the cap is reached and no more bookings will be accepted?


One option would be using the Exchange Online feature of having all requests manually approved by the meeting room owner but that will require too much low value work from our staff which is something we want to avoid.


Thanks a lot in advance,



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There's no way to configure a preset limit to the number of meetings per day, so you either need to appoint some delegate to manually process the requests, or pre-book specific slots and designate them as "cleanup hours" or something.