Limited RBAC role - Microsoft 365 Admin Center doesn't show link to Security & Compliance Center

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Usability annoyance: In our production environment my personal admin account is assigned to one standard role:  Exchange Admin.   According to documentation the Exchange Admin role has and requires access to the Security & Compliance admin portal. I do have the correct rights and can access manually via the ""  URL and can perform management tasks.


Why doesn't the Microsoft 365 Admin Center UI display the link for me under All Admin Centers in the left hand navigation pane?


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Probably because it's a workload specific role, which only has limited access to the SCC. You should be able to use the Customize navigation button to add it yourself.

@Vasil Michev 


It only allows me to add "All admin Centers".  But, All "Admin Centers" only has Exchange in it.  No other options to manually add a link.


With the new Microsoft 365 Admin Center this should be consider a BUG.  Behavior should be to display all Admin Centers that a specific user has rights to.


You can always use the feedback button on the portal.