Licensing upgrade from O365 E3 to E5 - meeting notifications resent

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Hello all,

We have noticed new behavior when we upgrade users from 365 E3 to E5, whereby old meeting notifications that have been sent in the past (new meeting, new recurring instance, update to a meeting etc) get re-sent post upgrade, causing mass confusion. When we examine the meeting requests we see that they have been re-stamped with the new(er) audio-conferencing features/telephony details, which in the past seemed to occur silently. Now it appears past notifications get resent, almost like a meeting migration tool has been run which has regenerated them all. This has only started happening in recentweeks, previously we have upgraded 1000s of other users with no issue. I can't get a straight answer from MS support and our account managers advise this is not expected. Has anyone else noticed this?
cheers Kellee

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Hi Kelleew,

The same issue occurred for our organization.
It looks like when dial-in conferencing is enabled or disabled (which is apart of E5 licence). The meeting migration service kicks off and resend invite that had Teams or S4B meetings.

Just got hit by this one my self. To anyone that is hit by this, read this one for next time: