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Hi, we keep getting email from this address: maccount@microsoft.com and a quick search online shoes it as both suspicious and legitimate! Obviously can't be both so does anyone know if it is a genuine Microsoft account please?

I have temporarily blocked it and getting a lot of junk mail telling me emails from this account can't reach their destination.


Any and all help appreciated.


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Email address removed is used for approval mails. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/power-automate-approval-email-delivery-information-cfcc9bf... If the originating IP address of the mail you received is listed, the email is genuine.

@Davy_A I have a similar question.  I received an email from email address removed for privacy reasons and the IP isn't anywhere in the link you sent over (SPF - <-- the IP from my message).  When I ran a who.is on it it came back as hosted by Microsoft, but I'm still bothered by the content of the message.  It was regarding getting myself back into a secondary email account I had created to act as a 'spam' catch all, and it was telling me that they couldn't grant access to me for my account without some more information, and they included links for me to click on, which I didn't do.  I never requested any of this, this is a fairly new account (>1 month old) so I went to log into outlook for this account and I got right in without any issues.  There was also nowhere to click on "I didn't request this" or another link to report a fraudulent request as I've seen when I really did try to reset my account or password somewhere.

If you'd like a copy of the email and headers, please let me know.

@Kidd_Ip But I don't think it was here's the first paragraph:

"We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account jr**email address removed for privacy reasons. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of our customers very seriously, and our commitment to protecting your personal information requires that we take the utmost care in ensuring that you are the account owner."

I didn't request to recover anything with that account as I never lost access to it.  And I would think (or hope) that if someone else was trying to get into it, MS would have locked it down so I wouldn't have been able to get into it at all, but I logged right in and was able to see all the spam email in there (which is what I set that particular outlook account up for anyhow).
There also isn't anything (as I've seen in recovery attempts that I've actually initiated) telling me what to do in the event I didn't set this process into action and who to report the fact someone else must by trying to gain access to my account.