Launching a PowerPoint file in Slide Show view from Sharepoint Online

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Hi, i know this subject was discussed before but i didn't find any solution that i could implement successfully. I have a PPSX file that includes navigation through action buttons (beside clicking on the slides). I want to put a link to it on a SharePoint online site. Is there a way that I can force the PPTX or PPSX file to launch in slide show mode? no matter what i do it opens in ppt edit mode

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If I understood your question right, below conversation should cover the same issue

Looks like there is a UserVoice raised for your issue.
hi, thank u for your quick reply. i saw the conversation u mentioned but unfortunately none of the solutions worked for me.
what is user voice?
My assumption is there is no solution for this yet.

UserVoice is a customer feedback portal for Microsoft, from the conversation in the above link, somebody provided a feedback to microsoft to include the feature you are looking for in sharepoint online.
Thank u :(
its a huge and weird problem
Has anyone managed to find a solution to launching PowerPoint as presentation mode immediately from share point?