Issues with power automate / email to excel

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Hi - apologies in advance for the very long winded nonsense below but appreciate any help - I’m having issue automating an email to excel action in power automate for work.

Due to IT restrictions - l am unable to use the email in question and have made a yahoo account and have created a new 365 account. Therefore I will have to forward all the emails I want automating in question.

The email I wish to automate comes from our website (silverstripe CMS). The fields I wish to automate are as follows:

Your first name (required)
Your last name (required)
Your email address (required)
Your contact number
Your school (required)
The date you want to attend (required) :
Your area of interest (required):

Here are the expressions I am using:

Your first name (required):
first(skip(split(first(split (body ("'Html_to_text'), 'Your last name (required) ')),' "),1))

Your last name (required): first(skip(split(first(split (body( 'Html_to_text"), "Your email address (required) ")), 'Your last name (required) '), 1))

Your email address (required):
first(skip(split (first(split (body ('Html_to_text'), "Your contact number')), 'Your email address (required) '), 1))

Your contact number: first(skip(split (first(split (body ('Html_to_text"), 'Your school (required) ')), 'Your contact number'), 1))

Your school (required):
first(skip(split(first(split (body( "Html_to_text'), 'The date you want to attend (required) ')), 'Your school (required) '), 1))

The date you want to attend (required) :
first(skip(split(first(split(body("Html_to_text'), "Your area of interest (required) ')), 'The date you want to attend (required) ") ,1))

Your area of interest (required): first(skip(split (body( 'Html_to_ text ), 'Your area of interest (required) "), 1))

The automated action isn’t working. I can’t figure how to fix it . Is the fact I’m forwarding the mail messing with it?
I would appreciate any help I can get thank you
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