Issues with Office 365 Email Encrytion

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We've been using the mail flow rule to 'Encrypt any message where the body contains the word...'" to encrypt emails for some time.  By using the string "encrypt#", and multiple derivatives, we've been able to encrypt emails as needed.  This suddenly stopped working last month.  I've tried deleting and recreating the rule and it still won't work.  We are a non-profit mental health organization and this ability is critical to our operation.  Has something changed?


Help, please.

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Hard to guess without having access to your tenant. Have you checked the message trace (detailed) logs? They will give you information whether a given message was processed by your rule, so you know whether you need to adjust the conditions, or it's failing the action, etc.

Hi, out of curiosity. Are you using legacy OME or the new improved OME? If legacy, try creating a mail flow rule with the new capabilities.

@Vasil Michev It processes the rule.  Just not the encryption part of it.


Yes, we are using Legacy OME.  I believe I stumbled upon this link in my many searches.  I'm going to explore it further, again, though.  I've tried so many things I honestly don't remember.  It is odd that it had been working fine for several years and then suddenly stopped last month.


Thanks for the response.

@Vasil Michev 

Vasil, I did a message trace on a test email just to verify.  The encrypt transport rule is firing.