Issue Regarding Provisioning Engine

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Hi Everyone,
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This is regarding one of the topics where I and my team got stuck. Let me explain in detail
We are trying to create web app, In that web app, we already have a predeveloped spfx solution package file.
The end-user can come and visit web app and based on their requirement they can add spfx solution to their site with a single click
For adding an spfx solution to their site we need to follow this process in the background.
  1. Create app catalog if not their
  2. Create site with require list and library
  3. In one of the site, we need to add spfx solution
  • Can you guys please suggest how we can achieve this functionality? Which approach do we need to use?
  • Which method we can use to authenticate the user? We had tried "pnpweblogin" but it's only working in desktop application
  • Which approach we can use to create app catalog, team site, and list library from an external website?
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Thanks in advance
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