Issue: Long Wait for Custom Outlook Add-In to Show Up for New Group Members in Microsoft 365

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We have deployed a custom Outlook Add-in within our Microsoft 365 environment, targeting a specific Security Group. Our objective is to ensure that only members of this group have access to the add-in. However, we've encountered a consistent delay: when new members are added to the security group, it takes up to 24 hours for the add-in to become visible and accessible to them in Outlook.


This delay poses a challenge, especially when timely access to the add-in is critical for our workflow. We're looking for advice or solutions that could help expedite the propagation process, making the add-in available to new group members more swiftly.


Has anyone experienced a similar situation and found a workaround or a method to force or accelerate this propagation? Any insights into how Microsoft manages these updates and ways to potentially minimize this delay would be greatly appreciated.




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Yes, it takes 24 hours to apply, refer to the below URL:


I handled similar case by GPO and not sure Itune can help