Issue connecting multiple next steps in cross functional flowchart from excel template

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I am having trouble with connections that are not populating from a step to multiple next steps in a Cross Functional Flowchart that is populated from the default excel template. I have used the wizard in Visio to create the CFF from the excel template using a comma as the separating delimiter. In the excel template, for the 'Next step ID' values I am using excel formula with absolute references to the next steps e.g. =$B$20&", "&$B$21. I have turned off the setting of filling formulas in tables to create calculated columns and also changed the formatting of the table cells to 'general',


I have tried manually typing the next steps with a comma, all of the above and still no luck. The weird thing is if I change to just a single next step, then when I refresh the diagram in Visio, the connector appears. Clearly it's not picking up the comma?


Some help would be great! Cheers.



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I seem to be having the same problem where Visio is not picking up multiple next steps (comma separated) in my Excel template but can read single next steps.


I have checked the cell formats but have not been able to resolve it without creating a new file.


Did you find out the cause of this issue?