Is there any way to force an update to the latest Insider Preview Build without having to wait.

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Just hoping someone has a really quick answer to this question as I'm currently sat in a cafe with a laptop but unable to work.


I signed up to Office Insider on my home desktop PC and used one of the features of it while putting a powerpoint presentation together, the ability to lock elements of a presentation so that I don't accidentally click and drag the wrong thing while laying it out.


However I didn't sign up to Insider on my laptop so it doesn't have the ability to unlock these elements now I want to edit them. I have gone and signed up to it but it looks like I have to wait until a certain time when the next update is rolled out, I can't force it to download the current version, therefore am unable to edit this document on my laptop for an unspecified length of time.


Is there any way to force an update so that I can unlock the elements I need to edit and

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