Is there an at-a-glance way of determining if employees are working remote or in-the-office?

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I offer my apologies if this isn't the most appropriate place to ask this question.


On any given work day, with some members of our team opting to work remote, versus some opting to work in-the-office, is there any built-in Microsoft functionality that would enable us to: 1) allow each team member to declare where they're going to work today, and 2) allow some sort of at-a-glance overview to allow team leadership to visually see this information?

We've explored using the built-in presence indicator within Teams, but it doesn't really offer a way to capture the where question about work, you know?



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Did you try using the 'Set status messsage' in Teams?
If it works for you then I believe only Teams has to be used to see the status message.
It appears that Microsoft Graph API doesn't allow to programmatically view the status message yet:

An easy workaround I can think of is to use a shared calendar.