is there a way to search both Outlook and Teams from one place?

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I talked to a number of people who know they have recieved a communication but they don't remember if it was email, 1-1 chat or a teams chat, meeting chat etc. Is there a way to search all at once?

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Hi @StephWin ,


I think you bet bet would be Office 365 portal, go to and search. Once shows up, switch to Conversations. it should show up Outlook results and Teams.


see below.




Thanks for responding @Adin_Calkic . I don't have a "conversations" in my results categories.
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Hi @StephWin ,


It should be already available to you if you have Microsoft 365. It is already GA. see below:




However, there is one workaround. open and login with your email. search for something and click on Work, then Messages.






Hope this helps. 



Interesting.... didn't have the messages heading on May13 as evidenced by my screen shot, but I do now.

Hi @StephWin ,


that is great news! Good luck!