Is SMIME supported in Citrix multisession environment ?

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We are trying to use (encrypt and decrypt ) SMIME emails in citrix multi-session environment. However users are unable to open encrypted or signed emails in OWA while on Citrix multi-session environment.

As a requirement we checked the certificate and it is in place. however there must be SMIME plugin installed on machine to be able to open encrypted emails.

Since this is Multi-session environment and multiple users are logging into the same machine The administrator can't install the smime plugin for the users. It seems that it needs to be installed by individual users himself while logged into the machine, however to be able to do this users need admin permissions hence checking if SMIME is supported in Citrix multi-session environment or are there any workarounds which I can follow so that users can be able to open signed or encrypted emails in OWA (multi session citrix env)

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