Is it possible to see and sync my PC MS 365 Outlook Calendar on an Android Phone

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Has anyone been able to be able to see the contents of their MS 365 Outlook Calendar on an Android Phone and if so have you been able to sync with your Calendar.


My calendar on my PC MS Outlook Calendar says (For this Computer Only) I think there is buckleys and none of being able to see it anywhere.


I am going to make a choice soon and even though I have been using MS since 1999, if you cant sync a calendar between your PC and Android phone, what is the point of having a calendar?


I would like to hear from anyone.

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Whether or not you can sync your Calendar depends on your mail account type.

When you use an Exchange account (Exchange Online, Exchange on-premises or (free)), then you can sync the calendar of your mailbox.

POP3 and IMAP do not support calendar sync. This is a limitation of these mail protocols themselves and not by Microsoft.