Is it possible to filter incoming group emails to just go to the group owners?

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I have a group that was created with Teams. Currently, in Exchange Admin Portal, I have Allow external senders to email this group and Send copies of group conversations to group members enabled. 


The Team email address (companyofficeATcompanyDOTcom) is being used for legal registrations so I can't change that. Being that this address is receiving sensitive information, we need to stop sending these messages to group members. At the same time, we want to communicate with the team using this same email address. 


If I disable 'Send copies of group conversations to group members', that means the internal emails to group members stops working, right? 


My thinking is going in two different directions. (1) create a rule in Exchange to divert incoming messages. This seems messy and unreliable. (2) create a sub-domain address for internal communications - team.companyofficeATcompanyDOTcom or something. I don't know if this is possible or what ramifications this may have on the Team.  

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You can try disabling 'Send copies of group conversations to group members' and individually enroll site owners to receive emails in their inbox.
Note: This will not stop any group member to sign up to receive emails.
Wouldn't this disable emailing everyone intentionally from within the domain?