Is it possible to create corporate meeting templates for Outlook

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A user can create a meeting template and save in C:\Users\USERINITIAL\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\*.oft


If we want to make corporate templates available would they have to be saved same place?

If so is there a way to make subfolders or will we have to make a naming standard to keep templates from different business units together, i.e. HR - Interview mgt?


I have only been able to find enduser information, no backend. 

Video: Create templates for calendars, tasks, and contacts (


In advance thank you.

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Hello, did you find an answer to this? We are in the same position, wanting to distribute corporate meeting templates for Outlook. And like you, I can not easily find information on how to distribute this centrally.

@Thomas_Hansen1 - No I have not succeed in getting an answer yet. 

Create a shared mailbox and grant access to all users. Place your templates there as drafts.
@Victor Ivanidze - Do you mean a draft e-mail and then just copy the content over in the meeting invite?

@Victor Ivanidze - Ok, thank you for sharing your idea.  I was looking for something using Microsoft standard features, as it look like the thoughts are there. When the user is allowed to create templates for own use, then I assume that the setup also supports a governed setup, just like the template feature in Word and PowerPoint. 




@Eric Starker  - I received following message from you Friday. The message is not visible in the thread and the link is not working (Hover over shows Microsoft link), so I hope that you see this message and can provide an updated link.

In advance thank you :)





Hello! Yes, I was editing a user's posts who included external links advertising to their company website, which is not allowed on Tech Community. I initially edited a number of posts, and eventually decided to remove all of the posts instead as it was a widespread issue. Sorry for any hassle.

@Eric Starker - does this mean that it is not possible to distribute corporate calendar template in Outlook? 

@Inger_Christensen It means that, as a community manager here on the Microsoft Tech Community, I moderated a post that broke our community roles, and later deleted that post, but you still received the email notification of that moderation, so was attempting to explain why. Sorry if I caused additional confusion. 


I am a community manager here and not a product expert, so the answer to questions like that about Outlook are best left to the experts! 

I have the same issue.
There is a request to create one or two templates for Team meetings to be Company approved and pushed to every user regardless if they prefer Web, Pwa or App version of Outlook.

Templates can be specified in text or html form.
From what I saw there is no such option to govern Meeting invitation templates in M365.


Same goes for Signatures. There is a workaround by using rules in Exchange, but why does not Microsoft create small add in for Exchange where we could drop signature template, and specify fields like Name, Surname, +Tel to be pulled out from Active Directory?

Should this be a feature request?

@Emir_O - Good idea.  I just wrote it in here as I assume that it already was there and was just looking for assistance on how to do it.