Is Exchange Online POP3 down?

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We have a system that uses POP3 to access email from an Exchange Online mailbox. Over the course of today, it has worked for periods of time, and then for several hours at a time, reported the following error while logging in:


Login failed -ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
port: 995


I am aware that POP3 access using basic auth is being retired in October (, and we are preparing for that, but I'm looking for something relevant for today, June 23. We've been humming along fine for a couple years (if not more) using this connection method, and just today, for 6 hours, it went down, came back up for an hour, and now is down again.


Can anyone point me somewhere?



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this wound up being an individual “service incident” flipped on my Microsoft for our account. We worked with a tech and got it turned back on, but seems to be a random incident that affects some of their customers for no specific reason.


Did you opt-out of shutting down POP3? Microsoft is intentionally shutting down Basic Authentication protocols such as POP3 a few hours at a time in tenants if you don't opt-out of these.