Integration of Office365 into own online product

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a proper and easy way to integrate Office 365 in our product we are developing.

It is an online storage tool (and more) where we can manage documents. Currently we have integrated a third party tool to edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents online.

It even allows multiple users to edit documents at the same time. We used this tool as it is a very easy integration process.


However we would like to start using Office365.

I already found docs to create a WOPI API in our product, but there must be an easier way to implement that. Seems a bit strange if everyone who want to integrate Office 365, requires to develop exactly the same. The page I'm referring to is:


Isn't there an easier way? Like sending our documents to the Microsoft server and when the user presses Save, it is send back to our side?

Our product is developed in C# (Framework for now, but we are migrating to Core 3) and it runs completely in Azure.


Thank you in advance.



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