Inserting a photo into photo frame clipart on Word 365

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I have a question about inserting a jpg photo into photo frame clipart on Word 365.  The frame clipart I would like to use has flowers and leaves that extend into the area where the photo goes.  How do I properly position the photo so that it is behind these flowers and leaves?  When I clicked "send to back" then the photo goes behind the frame image and can't be seen.  I've tried "Send backward" and "Send behind text", neither of which do anything. 

I've already spent a lot of time, using Paint 3d, on other similar frame-photo combos to remove the middle of the frame, but it gets time-consuming and tricky to try to eliminate the small spaces between the flowers and leaves.  I was just wondering if there was another easier way to do it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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