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Hi everyone,


After research on Microsoft Online documentation, I still can't find a clear answer.

So, here i am, wondering if someone can kindly help me find it out .

I want to know if basic "AIP for Office 365" allows users to encrypt PDF documents or not.

Technicaly it's possible with the "Unified labeling client" but is it legally allowed without at least an "AIP P1" licence ?


Thanks for your help !

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Hello, if are you referring to Office Message Encryption (OME) using email and PDF attachments (?) it's supported, but you have to enable PDF encryption using Set-IRMConfiguration -EnablePdfEncryption $true

But perhaps you mean in general? You use the UL client as that's how you do it with PDFs. Have a look at this article which explains the licensing in detail
Hi Christian,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the vagueness.
I'm referring to Sensitivity Label encryption. I checked the article you linked but it's not clear to me.
Microsoft only talks about PDF when exporting from PowerBI in this section: