Importing ICS to selected calendar

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I want to import an ICS into a new or selected Outlook calendar that is not my default calendar.


I've been reading up and have yet to find a solution.


The only two ways I have found are both awkward: 1) import into the default calendar and then use List view to select the ones you just imported ("if" you can isolate them all with a given search term) and then cut and paste or drag into the desired calendar, or 2) change the default calendar in account settings to do the import and then change it back.


There has to be a better way.




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Hello @JN-waves 


Here is something which you can try, not sure if it would work flawlessly but still worth a shot.

When you try to import the ics file it should give you an option to either import directly into the default calendar or create a new calendar. Choose create a new calendar. Once the new calendar has been created export the newly created calendar as pst and then import the pst back again into a secondary calendar of your choice.



I really thought this was the worst way possible, but it also happens to be the only method I found which works. I am using a Google Workspace with several accounts, and I wanted to make sure an .ics I received was tied to one of my secondary accounts. After importing the .ics with several appointments and events it wasn't possible to copy or move those appointments or events to another calendar as it was "unsupported." Exporting to a .pst and then importing the .pst worked. Then it was very easy to delete the extra untitled calendar which was created as part of my initial import.