Importing a calendar into shared mailbox

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I've got a weird issue with importing a calendar from a PST file into a shared mailbox calendar.


Previously a user had created a calendar on her mailbox and shared it with other users. As she is leaving the business, she has backed the calendar to a PST file.


When I try to import the PST file into the shared mailbox, A) it doesn't import into the shared mailbox calendar B) it creates a calendar under "my calendars" with all the appointments in.


Where am I going wrong here?

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How are you importing it? Anytime I do calendar data I usually open the file. Do a list view of the calendar and select all and drag it to the shared calendar.

But if import doesn’t let you select the calendar then you’ll have to get your shared mailbox account unlocked and get the password and setup a profile in your outlook to it. Then you can do an import that way.

How is the shared mailbox added in Outlook? Basically, make sure to add it as additional account (via File -> Add account) and not as additional mailbox (via Account Settings), as the latter doesn't expose many of the "regular" functionalities. Or you can always export to CSV/import it via EWS, here's a sample script:

Hi, @Yellowbus_Mike2018

To resolve this, ensure that you are following the correct steps for importing the PST file into the shared mailbox calendar. Double-check that you have the necessary permissions to access and modify the shared mailbox calendar. If the issue persists, try importing the PST file using a different method or tool specifically designed for importing calendars into shared mailboxes. Additionally, ensure that you are using the latest version of the email client or software you are working with.

Here is an easy Workaround: Import a calendar into an Office 365 Group Calendar