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I don't know where else to turn so I am going to bring this issue here. My company purchased m365 E3 licenses late last year. I called Microsoft support and they referred me to 3 vendors by email stating our contact details was sent to these vendors, and they would be in contact with us. I was impressed by the timely reply of one of the vendors so I choose them. cutting to the crux of the matter, we paid them for services that included migrating our email data and setting up our tenet. To date none of what was promised was done. Everytime we contact them they say they are working on it one sad story after another. Including some of the team has Covid.

It is obvious that we have been had. My issue is we have been had by a company recommended to us by Microsoft. What make this worse is that since I have had to basically set u my tenant myself not really knowing what I was doing. when you go to the help section of your tenant that very same company is listed as our support staff. When I call support they tell me I got to talk to the very same company. How can I complain this company to itself. Its like the wolf policing itself. We may now move away from Microsoft because of this and this is my last ditch attempt for Microsoft to hear me and provide me with some support which should include but not limited to reprimanding the vendor they supplied us with and connecting my with another more regrettable vendor. I mean we paid for E3 licenses doesn't this level of license dictate that we are treated better? 

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Guess no takers on this then. Guess we just move on to Google or some other platform. sad

Hi @TrevorG - Are you able to remove the vendor as your preferred partner, and/or request another vendor. In doing so, you should then be able to request help more directly without getting stuck in the loop hole you seem to be in. You may have already done this, but go to the Microsoft 365 admin center > Support > New service request. And, if your company qualifies for Microsoft FastTrack benefits, that's a great route to go: https://www.microsoft.com/fasttrack (sign in and follow "Get help."


Also looping in my peer, @Scott Schnoll who may have additional ideas from an admin center perspective. 


Thanks, Mark 

@Mark Kashman I don't have the remove partner link under partner information.

@TrevorG, does a partner or reseller show up for you under https://admin.microsoft.com/Adminportal/Home?ref=partners or is it blank?