I cannot reset tenant admin password

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I have a tenant's admin account, and only mine is admin.

I forgot my password, tried to reset it and asked for an alternate email. So far everything OK, I get a code.

Then, in a second phase, he asks for the phone number, I put it in (it has the end of mine), and says that the phone does not correspond.

I would like to resolve this situation, as no one answers the support line.

The credit card is mine and the domain too and I can prove that we are the owners of the company.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

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You will have to work with support, as no one else can reset the password. They should have 24/7 coverage for such issues: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/get-help-support?view=o365-worldwide#phone-supp...
Today I called 4x, in all calls I had more than 1 hour on hold, no one answers the phone. I tried the united states line, but the guy told me to call me to Portugal (the country where I'm from). tomorrow I will continue to try
Just use the magic phrase "We have lost access to our data" or similar, they should have a global team catering to such scenarios, and not just pass you around...