I cannot delete 'personal' account and office keep asking me which one I want to use

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When trying to login for example to Word, after inputing my email address, I got popup with "It looks like mail is used with more than one account" ( exactly like here) where I can choose either to login into work account or personal account.

The problem is, I don't want an personal account. I've never created it. When I try to do steps mentioned in the article, I only have one alias for my account and it's set as primary one, as it should, as I only want my work account.

I have another personal account, which I want to keep separate from the work account.

How I can get rid of that? Where should I check?



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The Work account should be your Office 365 account. Your personal account tends to be your Microsoft (MSA) account. Did you ever have Outlook or Hotmail in the past with the same username/email address for the login? Try logging into or If you can't remember the password do a password reset.

Let me know how it goes.

Best, Chris

I can normally login on both sites, outlook one just asks me if I want to login with my work or personal account (first it asks for email, i put my, and then asks which account use). I want to get rid of that. I don't have any problems using my work account, it's just annoying that I have to choose every time, when I don't recall creating personal account. And even if, where is the option to delete it?!


I've never had outlook or hotmail.

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Sure, understood. It is confusing for a lot of people.

Here's how you can stop that prompt. Follow this article


If you never use it, you can completely delete that personal account.

Hope that helps answer your question.

Best, Chris

Thanks, but you know, I've posted exactly same article in my post with adnotation why it doesn't work for me...

Sure, - can you log into this with a personal account with the same username as you log in to your work account? If you can't and you have another Microsoft Account address where you can log in, is your work address an alias of that?

If you can't find it anywhere, my recommendation is to raise it to support in order to locate the Microsoft Account that username is in or linked to.

Best, Chris

When I'm logging in on site it doesn't ask whether account i want to log in, it just log in.

I will try with support then, thank you Christopher

If you can log into that site that should be your Microsoft Account - your personal account which you should be able to delete or change the username to something different than your work account on 365

Best, Chris

Chris, you got it! :)

I was a bit afraid to delete account since the notification that I will lost everything from exchange and apps etc., but I wasn't aware that is a separate thing. Now everything works like a charm. Thank you very much - this should be more clarified like
To change the email address of your personal (it won't affect your work or school account) Microsoft account, follow these steps:

I have the exact same issue as you, found it very annoying. Will try this fix!