I can't filter on color in Excel 365

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I'm using the online version of Excel 365.  I have cells with different fill colors.  Can't seem to filter on color tho.  It's not that it's grayed out; it simply doesn't exist!  Some way to turn that feature "on" or something?  Seems like a pretty basic feature that is suddenly gone!

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Was it ever available to begin with? The web apps have numerous restrictions/limitations compared to the desktop ones, here's one of the articles that goes over some of them: https://support.office.microsoft.com/en-us/article/Differences-between-using-a-workbook-in-the-brows...

I have the same issue and I'm quite surprised that such a basic filter option is not available in the Excel online version. Any mitigation to that except opening the Desktop app?


Unfortunately it was not ready in Excel Online yet