Hybrid Resource Forest / Mail User with Linked Mailbox

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Hello all,

I have the problem that no mail users are created under contacts in Exchange Online. I have read through these two guides:






Both guids explain the same thing. The only problem I have is that no mail user is created when a linked user is synchronized to the cloud.


The two users are made Linked Mailboxes by the command "Set-User -LinkedMaster...". When the user is synchronized without a link, it shows up in Exchange Online under Contacts and I can start a migration batch with this user.


The user also exists only once in the cloud, as it should, since it is linked by ObjectSID and msExchMasterAccountSid.




So I can't create a migration batch in which the user should be migrated. Unfortunately the migration batch can't find the user...






Did I make a mistake when setting up the Azure AD Connect or what could be the reason?



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