How to view global admins from Admin Center?

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Without having to go to a Windows PC with Powershell, how can I see all the global admin accounts and which ones have MFA enabled?

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@Kalimanne J  Sadly it's not possible in Office 365 Admin Center.


You may try any 3rd party application to see the global admin accounts with MFA enabled. I would like to request you to check out AdminDroid Office 365 Reporting Application which solves all of your reporting requirements.  You can check out the live demo here:

You can go to the admin portal-> users and filter for this!

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@Kalimanne J Here you go:

Filter by Global Admins.PNG

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

I didn't see that filter option until I enabled "Try the preview" in the admin center, but I see it now.

It isn't available by default.

@Kalimanne J I thought your requirement was setting a filter to get the 'Global Admin with MFA enabled'. Were you able to set the filter to suit your requirement? 

@Robert Luck 


Once I was able to get a filtered view of only global admin accounts in the admin center, it was a small enough list of users that it was easy enough to manually look up MFA for just those accounts.

@Juan Carlos González Martín - thank you for the clearest and most helpful reply in this thread :) 

Go to this link:

Use the view tap to choose the admins, and next to them you will see the MFA status.
You can use a third part saas reporting tool for free called InfraSOS, that will show all your admin accounts and which ones have MFA enabled and also ones who don't have MFA enabled.

@Kalimanne J 


Yes, filter under M365 admin center will do

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