How to track approved/rejected messages by admin?

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Hello Everyone,


I've just created a DLP policy for Exchange Email where if conditions are met it will "Forward the message for approval to specific approvers", but now that that is working I've been asked if we could "track who approves/rejects these messages so we can have a monthly report". 


I saw a post where someone says this can be done using Message Tracing at EAC, "Just track the messages from "systemmailbox" but, i just discovered that this is not the only account that sends and receives those approvals... 


So, what approach are you guys using to track this?


Thank you all!

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IIRC Microsoft is working on having them surfaced as part of the Activity Explorer in the Compliance Center. Until then, message trace is your best option, and yes you might need to include multiple system mailboxes.
Thank you Vasil.