How to show group calendar events on everyone's personal calendar?

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I have an org-wide team where I've created an event for July 5th. I can view that event in the Group calendar and I've published it on our SharePoint site. 


How can I make this event appear in everyone's calendars? Do I have to invite every individual?  


Since this is an org-wide group, I would think adding the event to the group calendar should make it appear on everyone's personal calendars. Evidently, that's not the case.


If I invite other groups, would the event only appear on that group calendar or might it also appear in personal calendars? 


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Teams-enabled groups, including those belonging to org-wide teams are "hidden from Exchange clients" by default. Thus they will not appear in Outlook/OWA, and users cannot manage their "subscription" settings. You as the admin can add everyone to the "subscribers" list or toggle the AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents/AutoSubscribeNewMembers flags for the group.
And if I enable AlwaysSubscribe, would that make the group event appear in their personal calendars?
Yes, the caveat is that it works only for newly-added members.
Ah. That's a pretty significant caveat rendering this solution null.
You can manually "subscribe" existing members as the admin, check the Add-UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet.