How to send notification to all team members incase of meeting reschedule in microsoft team

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Dear All,


I am new to Microsoft team , now we had a use case where we have to send notification to team members who are common in meetings which got rescheduled . Let me explain by example as given below
Let us say I have two meetings with name Meet1 and Meet2 


Meet 1 have user A, B and timing is 9AM-10AM 
Meet 2 have user B,C,D and timing is 10AM-11AM


Now I had a scenario where I have to reschedule Meeting meet1 from 9AM - 10:30AM . As user B is common in both meeting his next meeting Meet2 might be affected as it was supposed to start from 10AM.


Problem Statement :


Now after rescheduling meeting meet1 I want to send notification to all members of meet2 that meet1 has been rescheduled because one member like B is common.

I have tried with AC Calendar bot and Meekan Bot but they only send notification to team members of same meeting which got rescheduled .


Kindly help us because it is our use case to be implemented .

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