How to send an email to a private Teams group from Outlook from inside/ouside of the group

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I would like to give the possibility to anyone to send an email to all members of a Teams group (expand email to each member). From a member or from anybody who is not in this group.

It allows to the Teams group administrators to modify members list and the email sent to the Teams group will alse be automatically modify to the new member list.


In the past I had a Teams member list and another mailing list with the "same" member list but in reality, many times, there were gaps between the Teams member list and the mailing list.

I want to find a way with only one source of member list.


Of course, the email has to be listed to all users into Outlook.


Does anyone have a solution?


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@avakeo you would need to set AutoSubscribeNewMembers attribute of the group to TRUE and to instruct existing members to subscribe manually. To make sure the group shows up in the address book and can be added in Outlook, you also need to set the attributed HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled and HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled to FALSE.

More information can be found here.