How to send all blocked e-mails directly into trash?

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They end up in junk folder in

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering. :)

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Hi @AntDude, for what?  Why do you think the "Deleted Items" folder is better than "Junk Email"?

@Victor IvanidzeBecause I don't want to see them.

Hi again @AntDude,  please explain - I really don't understand your point.

You have 2 folders. You see 2 folders. You cannot remove or hide neither the folder A nor the folder B. 

Why do you want to see junk email not in the folder A but in the folder B?

@Victor Ivanidze Because I already know the block e-mails are directly going to trash without looking. Junk folder is for suspected spams for me to review to see if they are really spams or not. Why waste time on blocked e-mails that I have added in my block list?


Hi @AntDude.

understood, thank you.

What's you email client program?

How exactly you are blocking  messages?

@Victor IvanidzeLike I said earlier in my thread, with its block list in its settings e-mail feature. 

@AntDude. you mean you are using only OWA  in web browser (not Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac)?

Hi @AntDude, I believe the only way to do what you want  is  to create an add-in for OWA.

You have to hire a developer or do it yourself.