How to send a welcome message to new users?

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What are the possible options for sending a welcome message when a new hire receives an Office365 account?

Can this be done in Sharepoint? MS Flow?

If not possible in O365, what are the options to send a welcome message when a new hire receives an Outlook mail box?

Any idea is welcome ;-). Tx.

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This link is sending me to a page where I should select from the already existing users and send them a pre-defined templates which cannot be modified or added to.

Can you send the correct link?


how do I search this on the home page of admin portal??



Hi, i've trying to look for this wizard in my Admin Center and browsing through my cards. It seems that its no longer available. Is there an article where I can refer to on how to setup my welcome email for the new staff?

AFAIK this feature was deprecated

@adam deltinger 


Alright, Thanks!

@adam deltinger any way of getting this functionality now that the wizard is longer there
MS PowerAutomate?

With this feature depreciated, is there a replacement way to complete this function, without saving an .oft template and sending manually?
This is still a needed want for many i am sure.
Is there any news about it ?