How to run a Summary report Message Trace on a Custom time range?

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I'm trying to run a message trace for 2022-12-22 and 2022-12-23 to see what happened to some messages a vendor claims were sent. When I put these dates in, I get an info message that says "If you choose a time range of more than 10 days, you'll only be able to view the results in a downloadable CSV file.". Clearly that's wrong and the time range is less than 10 days, but nevertheless the option for Summary report gets disabled. Is there some trick to get it to calculate the time range correctly?


I tried submitting the CSV option 30 minutes ago and it still lists as "Not started". It's literally thousands of times slower than the instant online option that's normally available for short time ranges.


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What they mean is "older than 10 days", not a time range greater than 10 days. And yes, it's slower as it run asynchronously on the server. You will get an email notification once it's finished.